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happy halloween, Baghdad, Iraq travel blog

happy halloween

A travel blog entry from Baghdad by 1-75medic

Today our patrol was an easy one, we even took a break in the middle to go eat lunch at the best DFAC in baghdad, the place was far better than ours, and it rose our spirits greatly to get some good chow in us. basically we drove around all day with ...

Nawroz - Kurdish New Year, Erbil, Iraq travel blog

Nawroz - Kurdish New Year

A travel blog entry from Erbil by rebecca.mcneal


March 21 is a day for celebrating the Kurdish New Year or the first day of spring.  It celebrates the death of an evil king in 617 b.c.  The king had a birth defect of two snakes growing out of his shoulders that needed children's brains for ...

Lots of Ranting today, Baghdad, Iraq travel blog

Lots of Ranting today

A travel blog entry from Baghdad by 1-75medic

... like a cop with a desk job. Let's see, recent activity, well, as I'm sure everyone is aware, on the 15th, Iraq voted on the members of it's first freely elected parliament. All early indications are that turnout was beyond most expectations. The ...

Why we are here, Baghdad, Iraq travel blog

Why we are here

A travel blog entry from Baghdad by 1-75medic

Today, we were out on our normal patrol when an Iraqi man approached us to tell us that he had information about insurgent activity! Obviosly this was a most welcome event for us, as we up until now have made no contacts of our own to help us find the ...