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The "sh*ttiest" hotel ever....., Delhi, India travel blog

The "sh*ttiest" hotel ever.....

A travel blog entry from Delhi by lizandkev

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We've been sat here for a while working out what to say and have worked out that we are not the most inspirational of people so instead we will write what we can and you can tell us what you think! Here goes..... Delhi is dirty. Getting the the taxi in ...


Emma's Guide to Bollywood

A travel blog entry from Udaipur by mbgower

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... receive an autograph from some faceless Bollywood Superstar. For others it might mean nothing at all. But to the vast percentage of India's population, this name might as well be a prayer. Amitabh – or 'Big B’ as he’s affectionately ...

Endless Song, Dehradun, India travel blog

Endless Song

A travel blog entry from Dehradun by kailashi

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As I sit in the cosy recesses of my home I wonder at times how I made such a long and tough journey, that too mostly on foot. I remember how every cell of my body screamed in protest on steep slopes and yet I moved on, sometimes alone in terrible ...

. Kalapani - The Blue Waters, Gunji, India travel blog

. Kalapani - The Blue Waters

A travel blog entry from Gunji by kailashi

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The entire route of Kailash yatra, it seems is humming with activity. The sleepy population of Bhot region has awakened to the new reality - the influx of tourists and pilgrims. They have come out from their valleys in full strength with their mules to ...