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house ON the lake, Zamárdi, Hungary travel blog

house ON the lake

A travel blog entry from Zamárdi by bogna

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POLSKI: Gdy wstalismy o 8mej rano, na parkingu zostaly juz tylko 2 TIRy. Zjedlismy sniadanie, skladajace sie z chleba i napoju grejpfrutowego i poszlismy na wlot do parkingu, lapac stopa. Z tabliczka "Maribor--> Graz" zatrzymalismy TIRowca - Wegra, ...

Adorable, Hollókő, Hungary travel blog


A travel blog entry from Hollókő by eundel

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Today was a light day visiting the rural reaches of northern Hungary. Specifically, I spent the morning visiting the village of Hollókő. Hollókő was a village with a small collection buildings in traditional style from the 17th and 18th ...

A Bitter Battle, Pecs, Hungary travel blog

A Bitter Battle

A travel blog entry from Pecs by eundel

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... a dollar more. The main ticket got you into the chapel, which was elaborately decorated in same colorful style I had seen throughout Hungary, for example in  Matthais Church in Buda. In the 11th century crypt, a modern artist was creating a large ...

Still in Szombathely, Szombathely, Hungary travel blog

Still in Szombathely

A travel blog entry from Szombathely by budz888

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... Esperanto do lined up in a week's time in Slovakia. So after a couple of hectic weeks I think I'll relax here in Hungary... maybe practise my Hungarian a bit. Yesterday, everything went according to plan as Péter had to nip over to Austria for some ...