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Last of the Guianas!!, Georgetown, Guyana travel blog

Last of the Guianas!!

A travel blog entry from Georgetown by aborder

This is a top pick!

... earlier, don't you just hate that, trying to think of a name without the Internet? Anyway, in the bus was a big dude from Guyana and Hans, a scientist from Holland and that was it. It took about four hours to drive west to the river from where it took me ...

Guyana, Georgetown, Guyana travel blog


A travel blog entry from Georgetown by dawn_smedley

This is a top pick!

We spend approx 3 weeks ...

The Local Bar Scene, Georgetown, Guyana travel blog

The Local Bar Scene

A travel blog entry from Georgetown by pattiwhite

... me, I am now going to be co-facilitating the national youth aids conference that is going on in December. The neat thing about Guyana is that I get the opportunity to work on these awesome projects, and I am doing this one with someone else that is only ...

Youth Empowerment Camp 2011, Linden, Guyana travel blog

Youth Empowerment Camp 2011

A travel blog entry from Linden by mishkabobala


Hey all, we arrived in one piece from Linden on Saturday after a long but eventful week at camp!  The children enjoyed themselves and it was all made possible through the hard work of the volunteers and those who donated to help make the camp a ...