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Day 8 - Catch up and Wind down, Leipzig, Germany travel blog

Day 8 - Catch up and Wind down

A travel blog entry from Leipzig by dazandkim

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We met Jay at his hotel and he was in the middle of packing up his bags, as the hotel was making them move out of the room he had and move to another room. We helped him packing and then discovered that there was a box on the bed. I asked Jay what was ...

The Rhine & Mosel Rivers, Bacharach, Germany travel blog

The Rhine & Mosel Rivers

A travel blog entry from Bacharach by eric

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... - hand-written notes in the windows listing some date in March. Every few miles along the Rhine is a new castle.  Germany as a country is the unification of numerous city-states ruled by nobles.  Feudalism thrived here.  One of the most ...

Berlin Day 2, Berlin, Germany travel blog

Berlin Day 2

A travel blog entry from Berlin by afisher63

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Today after breakfast we headed for the Holocaust memorial in Berlin. After starting out on foot , the rain started and we retreated to the hotel and arranged a taxi. We arrived around 10 and went straight in (later ...

Milk straight from the cow, Oy-Mittelberg, Germany travel blog

Milk straight from the cow

A travel blog entry from Oy-Mittelberg by robartsroaming

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... with four croissants, a baguette and a very special four leaf clover for each of us. What a beautiful lady!! Heading back into Germany today we took the more scenic route, through a different section of the Black Forest as we were determined to get a ...