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Boarder Patrol, Marc, France travel blog

Boarder Patrol

A travel blog entry from Marc by 2totango

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... and a straight section of road lasts about 20m.  Our goal was a little damned in lake almost on the boarder between France, Spain and Andorra with 3000m peaks rising up all around.  Up past charming little villages where all the little homes ...

France Day 19 - Chillin

France Day 19 - Chillin'

A travel blog entry from Chateau-Gontier by styrsky

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Short and sweet. A lazy day today. Starts with a walk to la boulangerrie as usual. Today marks the end of Ella's discipline, and we celebrate with a morning of sugary treats! Slept in, ... played tennis (Asher wins again! Yay!) ..., movie night for ...

Starry, Starry Night, Arles, France travel blog

Starry, Starry Night

A travel blog entry from Arles by 2totango

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... a summer’s day,     With eyes that know the darkness in my soul. Arrived in picturesque provencal France - immortalized by the many artist’s who have lived here over the years capturing the soft light, countryside and charming ...

Rome...?, Arles, France travel blog


A travel blog entry from Arles by 2totango

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... ; and that it would bring them instant infrastructure, roads, money, etc.  But enough of all this Roman talk - we’re in France after all!  Italy will come when we set sail tomorrow night.  For now we’re dining on our last few ...