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Castles and parks, Turku, Finland travel blog

Castles and parks

A travel blog entry from Turku by segacs

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... history of the era. We saw dungeons where prisoners were kept, great banquet halls, an original Catholic church from before Finland's reformation, statues and costumes and jewellery of the time periods. (Side note: We'd been seeing everything with the ...

At one with nature ...., Kuhmoinen, Finland travel blog

At one with nature ....

A travel blog entry from Kuhmoinen by robartsroaming

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... So we drove on to Lahti, fighting through the hunger to admire the beautiful landscape. It wasn’t hard to do really, Finland really is a beautiful country with oh so many trees. Just driving along the highway we were already falling in love with ...

Sea fortress island and Finnish ruoka, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Sea fortress island and Finnish ruoka

A travel blog entry from Helsinki by segacs

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... had to leave, but the three of us headed over to a nearby brew pub for the best beers we've had since arriving in Finland. They have outdoor terrasses as well (and they pronounce terrasse like we do in Montreal, the French way) but there must be a city ...

departure time, Turenki, Finland travel blog

departure time

A travel blog entry from Turenki by jimandtarja

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... very busy, fair enough, it is early evening, everything pretty straightforward, passport control, (our visas had been obtained in Finland), then it was off to claim our baggage. First encounter with a Bakseesh collector, he wanted to collect the case I ...