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Something very fishy, Nanuya Balavu, Fiji travel blog

Something very fishy

A travel blog entry from Nanuya Balavu by fyrelizard

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Our second island was Nanuya Balavu, a small island with no permanent population and only one resort. Mantaray was more rustic than Octopus, with cold water showers which only operated between 5-6pm, and rather basic loos. The showering times were not ...

Creatures from the Blue Lagoon, Nanuya Lailai, Fiji travel blog

Creatures from the Blue Lagoon

A travel blog entry from Nanuya Lailai by fyrelizard

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Our next trip aboard the flyer was a long one, to Nanuya Lailai, right at the top of the Yasawas chain. We worked out that our next resort was going to be interesting when we were being transferred by water taxi to our resort, Seaspray. Sharing the taxi ...

Bula, Nadi, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry from Nadi by mtrmsd

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Bula! (as they say). I've arrived in hot and sweaty Fiji. I jumped on my shuttle to the hostel and found out what "Fiji Time" is right away. The driver of the shuttle stopped the car and said "I need to go to the supermarket, do you want anything?" We ...

Crab racing, Waya, Fiji travel blog

Crab racing

A travel blog entry from Waya by fyrelizard

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... here- we saw what we presumed to be a throwaround turn into a hardcore training session for the young men of the island! Fiji carried off the last rugby sevens world championships, with a team largely from the Yasawas. No wonder New Zealanders love it ...