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riding buses and whatnot, Riobamba, Ecuador travel blog

riding buses and whatnot

A travel blog entry from Riobamba by bred

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... between American bus stations and Ecuadorian bus stations: in the US you buy your ticket and wait for the boarding time; in Ecuador, you walk along the area where all of the buses are parked with their destinations displayed in the window, all the while ...

South over the Andes, Guayaquil, Ecuador travel blog

South over the Andes

A travel blog entry from Guayaquil by everywhere

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...  confirmed what we had heard - it really is a beautiful colonial city.  Clean, organized, booming, as is most of Ecuador,  and really very walkable.  But cold.  The nights are quite chilly - we are in the Andes, and even more ...

Boobies, Floreana, Ecuador travel blog


A travel blog entry from Floreana by nadinehanlon

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Imagine sitting on a boat and trying not to laugh like an adolescent teenager when every 5 minutes someone points a finger and shouts "boobies"!   After leaving San Cristobel we took a fishing boat for the 3 hour journey to our next island, ...

Surfer time!, Montanita, Ecuador travel blog

Surfer time!

A travel blog entry from Montanita by everywhere

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... ….stay tuned – the plan is not coming together and we are starting to get short on real cash.  Here in Ecuador, like Panama, they use the American dollar as currency – seems very weird to me to pay in greenbacks.  Also here in ...