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Nǐ hǎo China, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Nǐ hǎo China

A travel blog entry from Guangzhou by mikeandrachel

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... The train ticket is in the form of a plastic coin which is very advanced and eco-friendly compared to England. Apparently China has been trying hard recently to cut back on its carbon emissions. Today we braved dumplings for breakfast before heading ...

Guests of the Aini, Near Menghun, Xishuangbanna, China travel blog

Guests of the Aini

A travel blog entry from Near Menghun, Xishuangbanna by bethverde

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... on sunscreen and insect repellent and chew on individually-wrapped snacks. Dan and I can no longer count ourselves the fastest hikers in China. That title must go to our Abu, the local guide we picked up in Menghun, a smaller market city in ...

Just a little one, Hong Kong, China travel blog

Just a little one

A travel blog entry from Hong Kong by thomaswguy

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... ... but the Indian food and cheap wine was worth it :) We also took a trip to the observation level in the bank of China building for some pretty nice views....and took the star ferry to hong Kong island to get to the peak tram.... the tram taking you ...


Buddha's & Beaches

A travel blog entry from Hong Kong by mikeandrachel

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... feet in the sun and everyone sits under trees as the temperature is unbearable. We did plan on staying all day but you just cannot last more than a few hours. Our train tickets have now been booked to mainland China and we are off to Macau ...