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Costa Rica, the journey has begun..., Central-america, Costa Rica travel blog

Costa Rica, the journey has begun...

A travel blog entry from Central-america by jotraveller

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Our three months journey (minimum!) begun relaxing in Montezuma, Costa Rica, a gringo-hippie town at the pacific ocean on the Nicoya-peninsula. After traveling alone in Panama, Emma joined me to explore this part of the world together. We decided to go ...

Panama to Colombia!!!, Panama, Central America travel blog

Panama to Colombia!!!

A travel blog entry from Panama by extremelife

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... trip it was sailing across the Carribean from Panama to Colombia! The Pan-American Highway does not connect Central America to South America so I considered many other options on getting to Colombia from Panama such as flying which wouldn't have been ...

Costa Rican Adventure, Costa Rica, Central America travel blog

Costa Rican Adventure

A travel blog entry from Costa Rica by deepthitravels


    So, I visited the Pacuare Lodge back in november of 2008 for a 4 day trip. This is my re-collection of the memories of  Costa Rica.            Getting there is an ...

Travelling to Guatemala, Guatemala, Central America travel blog

Travelling to Guatemala

A travel blog entry from Guatemala by beneches


 Guatemala   Currency: Queztales 8Q = US$1 42,042 Vibe Guatemala is quite a large country. I have found the West part of the country to be quite different to the East. There's a lot more colour and Mayan culture, especially around Antigua and ...