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Hunt for the Mozambique Consulate, Limbe, Malawi travel blog

Hunt for the Mozambique Consulate

A travel blog entry from Limbe by izzie

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- ...

Hiking in the clouds., Cameroon Highlands, Malaysia travel blog

Hiking in the clouds.

A travel blog entry from Cameroon Highlands by hildreth75

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Cameroon Highlands are famous for their high altitude tea plantations. Although this sounds about exciting as Matlock, the place was actaully very scenic, green and cool. It's a great place to escape the insane heat. Basically I took a bus there, stayed ...


Cameroon's Story

A travel blog entry from Yaoundé by hmax


... in return. Houses and dress also changed. From mainly concrete and tin houses in Nigeria back to traditional mud huts in Cameroon. The round huts, with pointy grass roofs, seemed to be organised in clusters and sometimes compounds, which were different in ...

six weeks to go, Dschang, Cameroon travel blog

six weeks to go

A travel blog entry from Dschang by vruiz84

So I just took the most amazing motorcycle ride from fontem to dschang, two hours of mountain, forest and breathtaking views. i have six weeks left, and its so hard for me to really be here, i miss everything so much. on the upside, i LOVE my patients. i ...