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Andrea's Birthday and traveling to Kep

A travel blog entry from Kep by stefanoandrea


Getting up at 6:15, first thing's first, it's Andrea's birthday, so big cuddle first....than going down for breakfast where we get picked up at 7:10. After 5 hours of sitting in a cramped minibus with lucky enough a nice couple from London in front of us ...

Koh Kong district, Pyam, Cambodja travel blog

Koh Kong district

A travel blog entry from Pyam by stefanoandrea


Thmorda Garden Riverside Resort. 2nd Afternoon. We arrived around 13:30, the trip with the big bus to get here took about 5 hours. Again the roads pretty terrible but I suppose we got used to it now and that's just the way it is. Lot's to see on the way ...

Van noord naar zuid Cambodja, Krong Kaeb, Cambodja travel blog

Van noord naar zuid Cambodja

A travel blog entry from Krong Kaeb by amyvdbroeck


... van Pol Pot, de communistische leider van de Rode Khmer, een van de meest radicale en brute revoluties in de geschiedenis. Cambodja werd teruggedraaid naar het jaar nul en veranderde in een gevangenis met de vele landmijnen bij de grenzen. Hij geloofde ...

Sihanoukville, Sihanoukville, Cambodja travel blog


A travel blog entry from Sihanoukville by stefanoandrea


28th Leaving Kep at 10:30 we arrived at Sihanoukville at 14:30, so again 1 hour later than foreseen, in fact I figured out that if we do more than 30 km an hour average it's a miracle ;-) Anyways, this time we had some flemish people in our mini van so ...