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Okavango Dreaming!, Maun, Botswana travel blog

Okavango Dreaming!

A travel blog entry from Maun by the-rambler

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... stereotypical engagement conjured up, and encountered, when people speak of taking a mokoro ride in the Okavango Delta, in northern Botswana - a beast, frisson of deadly danger ... and safety. The wetland is the largest inland delta on the planet, ...

Decisions, Decisions..., Maun, Botswana travel blog

Decisions, Decisions...

A travel blog entry from Maun by nomadic-brands

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... , ostriches and the odd giraffe running out infront of the car. Veterinary inspections and police inspections. Yes, driving in Botswana is exhausting. However, we finally arrived safe and well in Maun, ready to make arrangements for the Okavango Delta. ...

all set?, Maun, Botswana travel blog

all set?

A travel blog entry from Maun by katherine-anne

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Right, here we go.   Set off Friday nice and early, the backpackers' boat took about eight of us to Boro, that's the gate where the mokoros are waiting to take you into the delta. I was the only one going solo and feeling slightly apprehensive ...

time and place, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

time and place

A travel blog entry from Gweta by katherine-anne

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I'm going to rush through the last part of the trip now. After the impact of the Okavango the rest of the trip almost escaped me. Gweta, a lovely place to stay, our tents placed under the fairytale baobab trees. How can these ancient trees, some ...