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Bonaire, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles travel blog


A travel blog entry from Bonaire by carol53

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... perturbed by us driving right along side them. What a beautiful bird and they are native to this island. Further inland is Bonaire's oldest village, Rincon which was first settled by the Spanish. We stopped here for a drink near the Catholic Church and ...

final destination, Los Roques, Venezuela travel blog

final destination

A travel blog entry from Los Roques by rachel_john

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Los Roques is an archipelago of low lying coral islands strung like pearls in the Caribbean Sea. Many compare them to the better known Maldives in the Indian Ocean on account of the size and distribution of the islands, not to mention the fine white ...

Bonaire stopover, Bonaire, Aruba travel blog

Bonaire stopover

A travel blog entry from Bonaire by mills01480

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x ...

Bonaire, am I impressed yet???, Kralendijk, Netherlands Antilles travel blog

Bonaire, am I impressed yet???

A travel blog entry from Kralendijk by tonyandmarina

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... or what?) while I talk to my brother. We call a taxi and ask for the price for a rite to Kralendijk, the capital of Bonaire. Seven $. Done! The taxi arrives within 5 minutes and arriving in Kralendijk, he charges us: 13 $. This island and me is NOT a ...