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Mountain Kingdom, Thimphu, Bhutan travel blog

Mountain Kingdom

A travel blog entry from Thimphu by tdv95

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... most hidden Asian country- because of a limited number of colours, I suspect that Deb P's crayon atlas doesn't even include Bhutan. Until recently, the tiny Kingdom of Bhutan remained tucked away in total isolation from the rest of the world. That ...

Festival For The Ages, Trongsa, Bhutan travel blog

Festival For The Ages

A travel blog entry from Trongsa by tdv95

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... Raja and performed a series of such dances to restore the health of the king- the grateful king helped spread Buddhism in Bhutan. Apparently this guy had thing for birthday parties and therefore the month of Tshechu varies from place to place ...

Blessing For Thousands, Punakha, Bhutan travel blog

Blessing For Thousands

A travel blog entry from Punakha by tdv95

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... the blind leading the blind, the road systems in Bhutan are the active responsibility of Indian construction companies (did the Bhutan government ever explore the roads of India before agreeing to this arrangement?). After the mountain goat adventure, we ...

Tigers Nest For Xmas, Paro, Bhutan travel blog

Tigers Nest For Xmas

A travel blog entry from Paro by tdv95

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... ) is located nearby- the Taktsang Palphug Monastery (known more commonly as The Tiger's Nest because the founder of Buddhism in Bhutan, Guru Rinpoche, rode a tigress up the mountain in order to meditate in a cave). It's a challenging one day climb to ...