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Speaking with an English twang, man!, Belize City, Belize travel blog

Speaking with an English twang, man!

A travel blog entry from Belize City by aborder

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... your attention, constantly having issues with me for not stopping and talking. I saw very few other travellers in the area, I think Belize city is the jumping point for the beautiful islands off the coast, or the more rustic feel of southern Belize in ...

Breathe In, Breathe Out, Caye Caulker, Belize travel blog

Breathe In, Breathe Out

A travel blog entry from Caye Caulker by bsuarez

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... breathe, but I quickly learned that it's tough and you need a good grip around the mouthpiece. It was amazing. The reef in Belize is reported to be the second longest reef in the world, second only behind Australia's Great Barrier Reef. And the coral ...

Un-Belize-able (!), Tobacco Caye, Belize travel blog

Un-Belize-able (!)

A travel blog entry from Tobacco Caye by hanscottclaire

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Claire: We have news... we've found paradise. Belize is what I always imagined Jamaica would be like, only without the gang- and drug-related crime and with a slightly more understandable version of Patois (Creole English). We  did manage ...

The trouble with Belize transportation, Dangriga, Belize travel blog

The trouble with Belize transportation

A travel blog entry from Dangriga by bsuarez

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... the bus to Placencia. Okay. While waiting for the bus, I saw some Mennonites. They have a colony called Shipyard over in Belize. Pretty neat, actually. It was confusing when we got off at Dangriga, there was a German couple. We helped each other figure ...