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Ooh, cold rain...with wind!, Ypres, Belgium travel blog

Ooh, cold rain...with wind!

A travel blog entry from Ypres by jonmatters

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Only a 22 mile ride into Lille, France from Ypres, Belgium, but that was quite the miserable, cold, wet, windy ride. I found out that Gore-Tex is not completely waterproof, especially my gore-tex gloves :( Absolutely freezing by the time I found a hotel ...

Change of plans., Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Change of plans.

A travel blog entry from Brussels by stevegrace

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When we arrive at the airport it turns out that Amsterdam Airport is closed due to bad weather. As a consequence, all flights through Europe via Amsterdam (including ours) are cancelled. Take a spot in the queue at the KLM ticket office and play the ...

Belgium, Brussels, Brugge and Antwerp, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry from Brussels, Brugge and Antwerp by stevefn

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Belgium. ...

Brussels for a day, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Brussels for a day

A travel blog entry from Brussels by chronometers

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Hi everybody, Melanie has been traveling a lot for work this year and during this week she went to Brussels for 2 days of meetings and was lucky when Chris decided to take the train down and join her.  We've been to Brussels many times, but always ...