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From Georgia Into Azerbaijan - "Good Luck"!, Sheki, Azerbaijan travel blog

From Georgia Into Azerbaijan - "Good Luck"!

A travel blog entry from Sheki by crowdywendy

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... bus across the Khunjerab Pass and into China. We have done some really stupid things in our travels... TOWARD THE AZERBAIJAN BORDER - ENCOUNTERING A TOILET THAT RIVALED EVEN THE WORST IN CHINA.... Poor Vano was becoming used to our frequent toilet stops ...

BL #60: Marvel At Baku

BL #60: Marvel At Baku's Bling

A travel blog entry from Baku by pwong

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... from drinks to fashion to food - it's shockingly expensive, especially when you consider that the average monthly salary in Azerbaijan is something like $600 CAD.  Though salaries in Baku are surely higher, it certainly puts things into perspective ...

BL #61: Visit Bizarrastan, Qobustan, Azerbaijan travel blog

BL #61: Visit Bizarrastan

A travel blog entry from Qobustan by pwong

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... these developments look to be taken straight out of the Dubai playbook, with their extreme levels of excess. The contrasts in Azerbaijan are quite jarring, especially once you leave Baku - a drive to Qobustan passes houses and condos reserved solely for ...

Land of Fire and Wind, Baku, Azerbaijan travel blog

Land of Fire and Wind

A travel blog entry from Baku by lraleigh

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... the climate in Azerbaijan, but at the same time sent winds whipping through the streets. Exploring the fire of Azerbaijan further, I visited Gobustan, with its small mud volcanoes burping methane into the windy air. The site overlooked the blue-grey ...