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Braving the metro!, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Braving the metro!

A travel blog entry from Vienna by davefremland

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So today was a much better day for me.  After a good rest last night, I got up slowly and had a nice breakfast in my hotel.  I adjusted my attitude for a lower expectation.  I remembered that i had several tours in the last week and that ...

See You Later, Slovakia, Vienna, Austria travel blog

See You Later, Slovakia

A travel blog entry from Vienna by eundel

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My actual last day in Slovakia was basically just a long drive to return my rental car. In Hungary, I went in a circle, but in Slovakia, I drove in a straight line, so the return was like a "Greatest Hits" of my trip. I got stuck in the same traffic jam ...

Christmas eve, Salzburg, Austria travel blog

Christmas eve

A travel blog entry from Salzburg by davefremland

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Well, on my last day in Munich I checked out of my hotel and left my suitcase checked for the day.  I went for a snowy walk to the center one last time to shop in the Christkindlemarkt and mostly to see the famous and fascinating glockenspeil which ...

Up in the air, Wien, Austria travel blog

Up in the air

A travel blog entry from Wien by jameslevy

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Uneventful day in the air. This is a good thing. Woke at 3 for a 7 taxi call and dozed into the sunrise. Taxi driver was over 60 and was at Tienamen Square student massacre. Airport arrival early enough to get exit row seats for leg to Dubai. As ...