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My sunburnt country, Glen Helen, Australia travel blog

My sunburnt country

A travel blog entry from Glen Helen by scootergal

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Even though we could sleep in until 7am, my insomnia kicked in once again and I woke at 4. It was far too cold to venture out from under my 2 doonas so I lay awake until I heard movement in camp indicating that breakfast was ready. The Irish ladies are ...

Home, Kambah, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry from Kambah by antoinette2607

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Of Bicyclists and Coral, Rottnest Island, Australia travel blog

Of Bicyclists and Coral

A travel blog entry from Rottnest Island by wanderlustcat

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Feeling a little lonely, I invited myself on a trip by bicycle around the island with two girls staying at the hostel, Fiona and Nassha. They also intended to go snorkelling, which was good since I really wanted to try it out and wouldn't have had the ...

Beautiful Beaches, Umina Beach, Australia travel blog

Beautiful Beaches

A travel blog entry from Umina Beach by rossandsue

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Friday 18th October. We again walked for nearly an hour to the Marina at Soldiers Point and back to the park. A quick trip to the servo for fuel then we left the park at 9am to travel down the coast to Avoca Beach. Because of the bushfires still burning ...