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Day tripper, Shoal Bay East, Anguilla travel blog

Day tripper

A travel blog entry from Shoal Bay East by kris

This is a top pick!

... managed to take a brief visit there. I got the ferry over and whilst on it i was reading my lonely planet and i find out that anguilla doesnŽt have any buses on the island and iŽd only brought $60us out with me and after the fare there and back it left ...

Heaven in Caribbean Blue, Shoal Beach, Anguilla travel blog

Heaven in Caribbean Blue

A travel blog entry from Shoal Beach by anneogcato


As a little side trip while in the Caribbean we decided to visit one of the surrounding islands. We chose Anguilla, part of the British West Indies, for our one day excursion. This former colony is today a Britain dependency, and is located less than 20 ...

Road Bay - great wifi, great beach, lots of work!, Sandy Ground Village, Anguilla travel blog

Road Bay - great wifi, great beach, lots of work!

A travel blog entry from Sandy Ground Village by luckydux


... at  you.  Never mind that I am perfectly capable of navigating customs and immigrations at other islands, here on Anguilla different rules apply.  Here one must pay an agent to do the work.  Ironically I was standing outside the ...

Killing time in St. Martin, St. Martin, Anguilla travel blog

Killing time in St. Martin

A travel blog entry from St. Martin by grahamnalex


11th March. We hired a car to see the top attractions St. Martin had to offer, confident that we could do all 3 listed in the Rough Guide in one day. We checked out the French side of the island where yet another currency change was required. After ...