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The Himba, Epupa Falls, Namibia travel blog

The Himba

A travel blog entry from Epupa Falls by djchurch

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... , in the area called Kaokoland. Tribal conflicts with the Nama people eventually forced these people to flee in neighbouring Angola, where they sought aid from another tribal group, the Ngambwe. These people treated the people from north west Namibia ...

Compromisso, Luanda, Angola travel blog


A travel blog entry from Luanda by missoesurbanas


Na finalização do projeto não poderiamos deixar de desafiar os universitários de Angola a se comprometerem em dar continuidade ao evangelismo na universidade. Estamos na ultima semana e o projeto não acabou. Este foi o primeiro projeto missionário ...

Morals and humanity from the ground up, Casalettovillle, Angola travel blog

Morals and humanity from the ground up

A travel blog entry from Casalettovillle by superfun

From the Deep Thoughts department: Come join a group of younger adults at 1819 Oakwood NE for some conversation. Matt Lovell is starting this. Let him know if you are interested even a little. He says, "For a while now I have not believed in any god ...

The remote North, Marienfluss, Namibia travel blog

The remote North

A travel blog entry from Marienfluss by emmaw


I know I have said this before but I am looking at an amazing view! Our half of the group left camp at 8.30 and began the drive towards the Marienfluss. We had been driving for about 20 minutes when we noticed the others weren't behind us. We tried to ...