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Casinos and confrontation., DhŰrmi, Albania travel blog

Casinos and confrontation.

A travel blog entry from DhŰrmi by emtyadventures

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... request in English and confirmed a time. I said I would have to ask my friend. Then the diplomat asked me what business Albania could do with Australia, I had another drink, shook their hands and came home”. (Let’s just repeat that last bit ...

how to make 3 countries in 1 day, Tirana, Albania travel blog

how to make 3 countries in 1 day

A travel blog entry from Tirana by bogna

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... was truly excited about the fact that he passed the "third world" curtain and actually only because of this fact he found himself in Albania. He turned towards the nearest pub though; the guy was supposed to be back in Ohrid on the same day, in ...

Tirana, Durres and Korša, Durres, Albania travel blog

Tirana, Durres and Korša

A travel blog entry from Durres by lucinate

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... . Kids were jumping from them into the sea and they were in random places in fields. Apparently the last president of Albania was reeeeeeally paranoid about invasion. Without our Lonely Planet we were travelling blind now. No map. We asked around ...

Albania, Tirana, Albania travel blog


A travel blog entry from Tirana by baileyandkerry

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... them our experiences may not have been the same, but even so we would like to suggest people seriously consider Albania as a summer holiday destination. The people are friendly, genuine, and love the English. The capital is a fascinating place, ...