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Trip to Kandahar (southern of Afghanistan), Kandahar, Afghanistan travel blog

Trip to Kandahar (southern of Afghanistan)

A travel blog entry from Kandahar by samcato

... full of  tiny jungle estates made to suit the weather which I can't even remember the names.   Many think that Afghanistan is hot and mountainous but they are wrong because most of the places are cold and snowing though in ...

Universal Magnetics, Khost, Afghanistan travel blog

Universal Magnetics

A travel blog entry from Khost by excope


Even bruised and peeling cores pieced together by fragments of survival and suppressed hope can yield to this - when sorrows are sent away and replaced by inflections of purpose in a song...lest constraint, an ease comes when the rhythm ...

Kaboul sous la neige, Kabul, Afghanistan travel blog

Kaboul sous la neige

A travel blog entry from Kabul by samcel


Inspiration Information, Khost, Afghanistan travel blog

Inspiration Information

A travel blog entry from Khost by excope


          Your brooding eyes drift toward the hills, somewhere in the direction of oblivion and better days. ...