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Let's do that again! Or not...

A travel blog entry by zee

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We were talking about how the travelogue's been getting stale, and were thinking about how we could spice it up. Drawing inspiration from tv we planned a wedding, then a funeral, then just opted for the border crossing from HELL!!!! (see, we know how to ...

Lazy day on the delta, Vinh Long, Vietnam travel blog

Lazy day on the delta

A travel blog entry by rachel_john

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... were normalised, and everything seemed to be very sweet until the Asian economic crisis of 1997 took place. Since that setback, Vietnam has recovered strongly making it one of the fastest growing economies in the region. Nonetheless 75% of the people are ...

Overnight bus heading to Hanoi, Vinh, Nghe Tinh Province, Vietnam travel blog

Overnight bus heading to Hanoi

A travel blog entry by jawad

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En route to Hanoi on an overnight bus This has been the most uncomfortable overnight bus journey yet in Vietnam. Open Tour tickets are dirt cheap but you always end up paying in other ways. For instance, our bus is ram packed with people, including ...

Saigon and the Mekong Delta, Saigon and Vinh Long, Vietnam travel blog

Saigon and the Mekong Delta

A travel blog entry by adeleray

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... a treat to hang out with some cool cats from Saigon. The Ancestors and local thugs - Saigon and  Vinh Long A major purpose for my visit to Vietnam was to travel to the graves of my ancestors to pay respect and thank them all they did to make ...