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Sapa Town, Sapa, Vietnam travel blog

Sapa Town

A travel blog entry by kimandmartin

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... brothers and sisters do you have? Is that your husband? How old is he? How many brothers and sisters does he have? You like Vietnam?", etc, etc. Like Halong Bay, we saw no wildlife or even any birds. In talking with our guide he said that most of ...

Hill tribe trekking, Sapa, Vietnam travel blog

Hill tribe trekking

A travel blog entry by lizandkev

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... the money he charged and sending people there.  Unfortunately because that mess took a while to work out we didn’t have time in Vietnam in the end to do 2 weeks but we wanted to see what they do.  So we spent the day playing vocab games ...

Our last stop in Vietnam, Sapa, Vietnam travel blog

Our last stop in Vietnam

A travel blog entry by lizandsteve

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We're at the end of our 5 or so week journey up through Vietnam, in the small mountainous town of Sapa. The views of the lush green mountains are so amazing, it really is beautiful countryside. There are people from different hilltribes who inhabit the ...

Sarah, motorcycle babe...on a Vespa, Sapa, Vietnam travel blog

Sarah, motorcycle babe...on a Vespa

A travel blog entry by sarah

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... is too bad. It would have put Ansel Adams to shame. As would a picture of Phil and the H'Mong musician in the legendary Sapa Fife Off 2003, but I was too caught up in the moment. Please see Phil's travelogue for further details; I'm still too ...