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Good Morning Vietnam!, Saigon, Vietnam travel blog

Good Morning Vietnam!

A travel blog entry by lisa-ashley

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... believe in cremation. Another thing that has caught my eye is the Latin based alphabet here in Vietnam, brought over by a French missionary.  After Saigon, I went to Mui Ne, a quiet beach/fishing village known for it's incredible sand dunes. I ...

So who won the war??, Saigon, Vietnam travel blog

So who won the war??

A travel blog entry by zee

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... won! We met some alcoholic Canadians- Jen, Charlotte and Jake- en route, who were taking full decadent capitalist advantage of Vietnam's newfound bourgeousie, and spent the rest of our time in Saigon exploring the bars and noodle houses with them. The ...

Capitalist Saigon...but isn

Capitalist Saigon...but isn't Vietnam communist?

A travel blog entry by globedecker

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He Said: I spent about three weeks in Vietnam during a summer break almost three years ago. It was one of the most naturally beautiful, logistically easy, and cheapest places I had ever visited. So of course it was high on my list of places to bring ...

Saigon Sightseeing, Saigon, Vietnam travel blog

Saigon Sightseeing

A travel blog entry by kally563

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... wandered for a bit before heading for an open-air ice cream joint. We enjoyed our slightly over priced sundaes while watching Saigon come alive for Friday night. Music was playing and expensive Japanese scooters sped next to cheap Chinese knock-offs (the ...