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Easy Riding through Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh Trail - Central Highlands Vietnam, Vietnam travel blog

Easy Riding through Vietnam

A travel blog entry by lisa-ashley

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... avoid running into James the horny Brit, so teaming up with Thai the Easy Rider was the perfect way to experience Vietnam first hand.   Language lessons at gas stations over green tea. Stupidly sweet sugar cane juice next to old military ...

The Love House, Kon Tum, Vietnam travel blog

The Love House

A travel blog entry by lraleigh

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... : Vietnam is very restrictive because, of the few people they allow to leave, many do not return. She also said: "in Vietnam, women traditionally stay virgins until they are married, unless they work in the 'massage parlors' and 'hair salons.' Many ...

Viva HCMC!, Saigon, Vietnam travel blog

Viva HCMC!

A travel blog entry by faff

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Saigon at first seems chaotic, the daily ebb and flow of life here is unrelenting. There are motorbikes whizzing everywhere and a myriad of different honk tones assault your ears constantly. After some time here you start to get used to it. Simply, ...

Great Motorbike Adventure, Central Highlands, Vietnam travel blog

Great Motorbike Adventure

A travel blog entry by laurenandjack

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... coupled with the intense blue of the sky, made for unforgettable images that we will always associate with the country of Vietnam. Another great thing about this trip was how our interaction with the locals seemed totally refreshing due to two things. ...