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Terribly lost in the Lost World., Roraima and Gran Sabana, Venezuela travel blog

Terribly lost in the Lost World.

A travel blog entry by stevefn

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... the six days round trip hike to the top of Roraima (2810m), a table mountain (tepui) that are shared between three countries, Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. The major part of the mountain is in Venezuela, and this is also the spot where most people hike ...

Lost World, Mount Roraima, Venezuela travel blog

Lost World

A travel blog entry by coryandpierre


... all? We are writing this from Santa Elena, close to the Brazilian border. We arrived yesterday after completing our Mount Roraima expidition (phew) and are sticking around for at least a day longer than planned while my system fights some sort of ...

Journey to the Lost World, Roraima, Gran Sabana, Venezuela travel blog

Journey to the Lost World

A travel blog entry by teamrees


Roraima, is the Pemon name meaning 'Mother of All Waters'. Three rivers start on it's top, the Kamaiwa River feeds the Orinoco in Venezuela, the Cotingo feeds the Amazon in Brazil and the Kako feeds the Esequibo in Guyana. It is the tallest of the 'tepuy' ...

Roraima: rewarding, riveting and.... rainy, Roraima, Venezuela travel blog

Roraima: rewarding, riveting and.... rainy

A travel blog entry by gordonandsarah


... is buying this stuff we are not sure. The closest town was Boa Vista (in Brazil) and they clearly didn't want to come into Venezuela to buy expensive Brazilian goods, and the next town in Venezuela was a 12 hour bus way. Bizarre. It also seemed to have a ...