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"You Want How Big a Bribe?!", Denau, Uzbekistan travel blog

"You Want How Big a Bribe?!"

A travel blog entry by fishtails04


I had read that the Regar-Tusurzande border post from Uzbekistan to Tajikistan is remote, and that the crossing involves long queues and frequent hassle from the Uzbek guards, while the Tajik guards are 'best avoided' as their stints along the ...

Practical Travel Details for Uzbekistan, Denau, Uzbekistan travel blog

Practical Travel Details for Uzbekistan

A travel blog entry by fishtails04

... .  I paid $20 in a 4-share taxi.  Takes 6-7 hours, depending on whether your driver stops for lunch.   Denau - 25000 ($6-7) som for single occupancy at Denau Hotel, shared bathroom.   Denau- to border post - 7000 som in share-taxi ...