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Uruguay - Weirduguay, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay travel blog

Uruguay - Weirduguay

A travel blog entry by everywhere

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Uruguay is weird.  Took the high speed ferry first thing in the morning...wow that subway is packed.....ferries to Colonial Uruguay - two speeds, two prices.    One hour fast ferry about $80 return, three hour slow ferry about $60.  ...

A whole new country, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

A whole new country

A travel blog entry by nigelball

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... cousin - confused yet?), who married a German, Charles, and being Jewish they were forced to flee Europe in the 30s, and came to Uruguay, owing to that being the only place prepared to have them at the time. They had Pedro and Anita (who I will be ...

King for a day, ...or for a week actually., Punta del Este and La Barra, Uruguay travel blog

King for a day, ...or for a week actually.

A travel blog entry by stevefn

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I'm flying from Buenos Aires and back to Europe in two days, and my last week down here in Latin America I have spent in Punta del Este with a very good friend. We happened to get a very good deal at an ultra fancy (backpacker) spa and casino resort, so ...

Lovely little Colonia, Uruguay, Colonia, Uruguay travel blog

Lovely little Colonia, Uruguay

A travel blog entry by aussierach

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... to be finished classes though, and am looking forward to starting the fun stuff. Yesterday I took a day trip to Colonia in Uruguay. It was a strange little town, very quaint, quite touristy, but a nice change of pace after the bustle of Buenos Aires. ...