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Pretty, pretty!, Periapolis, Uruguay travel blog

Pretty, pretty!

A travel blog entry by womblepeter

A Hotel to Forget. (Remembered with Advantages).   I"ve slept in some odd places, on stations, in parks, in posh hotels, poor hotels, in doorways and even in police cells; the night in Carmelo was different indeed.   Entering the hotel ...

After 10 days, Oh so casual in Uruguay, Periapolis, Uruguay travel blog

After 10 days, Oh so casual in Uruguay

A travel blog entry by womblepeter

They say the Spanish always put things off until "manyana" but here in Uruguay that is not the case. Here they do things when they feel like it, maybe now ,maybe later, may even be "manyana" or perhaps they won"t bother to do it at all. These people are ...

Periapolis beach, Periapolis, Uruguay travel blog

Periapolis beach

A travel blog entry by womblepeter


... This is an individual scene, similar to many others but it is certainly different from anything else I have ever seen.--- Uruguay, I like you!            ...

Shewees and more, Periapolis, Uruguay travel blog

Shewees and more

A travel blog entry by womblekisses

... nobody else has a door either, and brain at last agrees.  Go for it, even get the extra tubing, but PRACTICE! Now to Uruguay, the dogs, the cars, buses the people and the lovely countryside. Dogs, well its just that they all seem so happy, I ...