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Wrightwood, CA, Wrightwood, United States travel blog

Wrightwood, CA

A travel blog entry by drewjones


Hi again, Right now I'm about 365 miles into the PCT, in the town of Wrightwood. My calves have been killing me the past couple days but a day of rest here should help. We climbed about 6000 vertical feet yesterday. Tomorrow I'll summit Mt. ...

Jane Rides, Wrightwood, United States travel blog

Jane Rides

A travel blog entry by cchasez


Brian also stayed at my uncle's place so we could all leave for Mountain High together. All four of us could not fit in the car with all the snowboarding gear, so Jane and I met up with my cousin, Cherry (aka Ate Rot), at my friend's house in Fontana, 30 ...

Mount Lord Bayden Powell, Wrightwood, United States travel blog

Mount Lord Bayden Powell

A travel blog entry by mckpct

I hiked out of Wrightwood at 12 with Taxi.  We were going to hiker until the Sierra's together.  After a morning of eggs, toast, muffins, coffee, and vitamin gummies at the Train Angels home I was moving like a well oiled tin man.  For the ...

The Trail Will Provide, Wrightwood, United States travel blog

The Trail Will Provide

A travel blog entry by trackingdj


Struggles,growth, rattlesnakes, and topless hoola hooping girls. The Trail Will provide in my three times needing to hitch in or out of town I have waited less than a combined10 minutes. When I've been needing water on a very dry section of trail ...

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Mountain High

Mountain High


24512 Highway 2 (Angeles Crest Highway), Wrightwood, California, United States

Mountain High Resort

Mountain High Resort


24510 State Highway 2, Wrightwood, California, United States

Ski Sunrise

Ski Sunrise


Wrightwood, California, United States