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Oregon Rally, Wallowa, United States travel blog

Oregon Rally

A travel blog entry by abaguggis


In Mitchell haben wir einen BMW-Fahrer getroffen, den wir bereits von letztem Jahr kannten, und der auch zur Ralle unterwegs war. Er hat sich uns angeschlossen. Da er die Gegend wie aus der Westentasche kennt, waren wir froh über Routentipps. Am ...

First night out., Wallowa Lake Highway Forest State Park, United States travel blog

First night out.

A travel blog entry by michelle-n-pat


Pack the trailer, don't forget the dogs, leashes, tools, maps, etc... Took off and as I was going through my check list I asked Pat, did you get the Collin's bike? Uh, no - okay, turnaround, go back and get bike, and helmets! Finally, escape! First stop ...

Wallowa Mountains, Wallowa Mts., United States travel blog

Wallowa Mountains

A travel blog entry by baphometdemon


This backpacking trip a few years ago was my celebration of graduation from high school, my father and I hiked deep into the Wallowa Mountains of Oregon for 4 days the week before I first began college.  While the trip is one of my favorite memories, ...