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The Westin Southfield Detroit

The Westin Southfield Detroit

3.50 349 reviews

1500 Town Center, Southfield, United States

Holiday Resort Hotel Southfield

Holiday Resort Hotel Southfield

2.50 13 reviews

26555 Telegraph Rd, Southfield, United States

Embassy Suites Detroit Southfield

Embassy Suites Detroit Southfield

3.50 245 reviews

28100 Franklin Road, Southfield, United States

Detroit Marriott Southfield

Detroit Marriott Southfield

3.50 191 reviews

27033 Northwestern Hwy, Southfield, United States

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38:25, Southfield, United States travel blog


A travel blog entry by rebn

This is a top pick!

That's a long time to sit in a car. 38 hours and 25 minutes straight from San Francisco. It would've been 37 but my eyes wouldn't stay open. Despite being an insomniac, if I ever get to a certain level of fatigue I can pass out anywhere. The trip back ...

Home, is where the stuff lives., Southfield, United States travel blog

Home, is where the stuff lives.

A travel blog entry by rebn

This is a top pick!

Ok, the mad frantic rush to get all my sh*t together is as complete as it's gonna get. It's funny that I felt that I had all this time to plan and organize, and now it's gone. Now matter how much I plan ahead, I'm always doing it this way at the last ...

Singing Mentors Learn to Sing, Southfield, United States travel blog

Singing Mentors Learn to Sing

A travel blog entry by alexcurt85

If you might be confused about singing and making your voice better it's since there is plenty of misleading information out there. How this is usually a singer suppose to know what type is actually going to assist them sing better? I have outlined some ...

Save Ukrainian Bird Savchenko, Southfield, United States travel blog

Save Ukrainian Bird Savchenko

A travel blog entry by risk56tory

Russia still does not allow the Ukrainian consul to see Savchenko, a Ukrainian aviator, who was illegally taken to the Russian Federation and who is kept in jail in Voronezh. The Consul General of Ukraine in Moscow Gennady Breskalenko, who are trying ...

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Star Theatres Southfield


25333 West 12-Mile, Southfield, Michigan, United States