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July, Butterflies Recollected, Rockbridge Baths, United States travel blog

July, Butterflies Recollected

A travel blog entry by cambuyuu

7/10/10 - Today was pretty interesting. First off, we sold most of the produce at the Saturday morning grower's market, almost doubling our profits from this time last month. I have a lot of fun interacting with the locals and passersby, idle chat ...

Why Milwaukee?, Rockbridge Baths, United States travel blog

Why Milwaukee?

A travel blog entry by cambuyuu


Almost two years ago my friend's girlfriend gave me a magazine article about an urban farm started in Detroit. The vegetables grown were being used to supplement the local soup kitchen run by Franciscan monks. At the time, my ideas of urban ecovillages ...

Day Two, Rockbridge, United States travel blog

Day Two

A travel blog entry by kmcg52


We get up early and head toward the stream about 7:30. Fortunately no one is at our favorite spot yet so we have it all to ourselves. I catch another 3 fish, Ron lands 4, I think, and Ray gets the most as usual. I'm starting to lose count. After a ...

Final Thoughts, Rockbridge Baths, United States travel blog

Final Thoughts

A travel blog entry by bandrpullen


Well the vacation is over and despite all of our complaints about the hills, I think we both would do it again in a minute. It was the most wonderful vacation. It opened our eyes to a whole new way of traveling. I'm only sorry we never did anything like ...

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Rockbridge Mill

Rockbridge Mill


Rockbridge, Missouri, United States

Old mill turned into an evening bar and social gathering point.