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Glacier National Park, Polebridge, United States travel blog

Glacier National Park

A travel blog entry by vicnme2


... all the comforts of life!  Around 6:30 this evening we arrived at The Way Less Traveled Bed and Breakfast just north of Polebridge, Montana.  We drove about 30 miles down an unpaved road that got progressively worse as we approached the bed and ...

Hail in Montanna, Polebridge, United States travel blog

Hail in Montanna

A travel blog entry by vicnme2


Vicki: I did not hear any wolves howling last night. I slept very well and was not bothered by any unusual sounds during the night.  We did not see any unusual creatures lurking on the grounds of the B&B in the morning, either, which was a bit ...

Lake McDonald/Polebridge, Lake McDonald/Polebridge, United States travel blog

Lake McDonald/Polebridge

A travel blog entry by kberger


... was on my way to Glacier National Park. I met Mom and Dad and we had a quick lunch. We decided to set out towards Polebridge (aka...middle of nowhere). Home Ranch Bottoms is a gift shop/bar/lodge in the area, so we stopped there to check things out. ...

Ein Baerentag, Polebridge, United States travel blog

Ein Baerentag

A travel blog entry by marcello83


... los kommen ist es 11 Uhr, aber etwas ausschlafen und troedeln haben wir uns auch verdient. Dann fahren wir nach Polebridge und besuchen die beruehmte Baeckerei. Wir kaufen eine kleine Leckerei und einen Huckberry Tee und fahren weiter zu einer einsamen ...

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Home Ranch Bottoms

Home Ranch Bottoms


8855 North Fork Road, Polebridge, Montana, United States

We operate a tavern and store with a small campground. All of this is located in a section of the North Fork known as the Home Ranch Bottoms for which we are named.