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Holla From Maine!, Poland, United States travel blog

Holla From Maine!

A travel blog entry by matthewman1


Weeeee have arrived! Now in Fernwood, were the weather is fine and the food is fatty. Had a little hoo-ha at Manchester Airport when we were shown as not having visa's and, after I declared I had packed my bags myself, took packages off Danielle and ...

Camp comes to an end..., Poland, M, United States travel blog

Camp comes to an end...

A travel blog entry by sc89

The last week of camp was busy....with Brigadoon, the Staff Party, Memory Night, Senior Serenade and Shield Night. Everything went well, with most people sad that 8 great weeks were coming to an end. Before we knew it, it was time to start packing. ...

Happy Campers, Poland, United States travel blog

Happy Campers

A travel blog entry by matthewman1

We have been at camp for 6 weeeeeks!! Sorry for the huge gap in updates, there are now pics on facebook, im still figuring how to get them on here... Anyway, the kids are here and everything is going swimmingly. Mainly because the weather is hot hot HOT ...

Preparing for our trip, Poland, United States travel blog

Preparing for our trip

A travel blog entry by sjsalbert


Over the summer we have been working hard preparing our presentations, getting the necessary paperwork together, and trying to make sure that we tie together all the loose ends that one encounters when preparing for a 28-day trip to another ...