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Crossing the Line, IDL - Offshore, United States travel blog

Crossing the Line

A travel blog entry by tbassplayer

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We have been approaching the IDL now for two weeks, held back by route development and storms. Finally we slid across the line without event. I'm not sure if there is any procedure about crossing the IDL like there is crossing the date line but either ...


I'm Sailing Away.....

A travel blog entry by tbassplayer

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The first order of business after leaving the straights of Juan de Fuca was to calibrate the Sonar system, this went without even and we were quickly on our 5 day steam to the first work site. As if Keith didn't have enough to worry about with a ...

Follow me, Offshore La., United States travel blog

Follow me

A travel blog entry by nickelbac_on_on

As we criuse towards a small outlying platform we get an un expected visitor to guide our way. He is a bird from south america that has come to be our guide and lead us to safety. That is why he is sitting on the light showing us to a safe harbor as ...