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Another stateline, into lawless Montana, Noxon, United States travel blog

Another stateline, into lawless Montana

A travel blog entry by glenn.porter

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... pie. Being bear country as mentioned, we cannot leave beef grease to sit in a trash can for fear that I may not be around to complete this blog. We left it in, and neither of us feel particularly great. Priest River ID > Noxon MT, 70 miles, day ...

Glacier National Park, Apgar, United States travel blog

Glacier National Park

A travel blog entry by wildblueyonder

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Day 31: more canoeing, Noxon, United States travel blog

Day 31: more canoeing

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We kept Maya in our room, so we got to sleep in without any canine alarms going off before the roosters. After breakfast, we got geared up for a river paddle down the Bull River.  But before that, F and I went to clear the grasses from the trail ...

Day 33:  even MORE canoeing!!, Noxon, United States travel blog

Day 33: even MORE canoeing!!

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After a late breakfast, we set out to paddle further downstream from F&C's place. Along the way, we saw a river otter, Fred the Bald Eagle, several ducks, and lots more fish.  Before putting in, F and the girls flushed 7 grouse that were ...

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Noxon Rapids Reservoir

Noxon Rapids Reservoir


Noxon, Montana, United States

One of the best bass fishing areas of Montana.