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Columbia River Gorge country, Ainsworth State Park, United States travel blog

Columbia River Gorge country

A travel blog entry by brosiousbustour


... spectacular.  We stayed at a state park in the middle of the waterfalls area, no hookups for $15/night, and took a day trip to Bonneville Dam up the gorge.  The dam was the first built on the Columbia, and it is quite a sight, and we've seen a ...

Fuck., Pdx, United States travel blog


A travel blog entry by siue


So I was planning on doing this south and east trip. Originally, before a week ago, I thought "well I should go to New Oreleans". Then Katrina. Is any one else really being affected by this? I've never visited that city but sometimes I will just start ...

Day 21 - Cannon Beach to North Bonneville, North Bonneville, United States travel blog

Day 21 - Cannon Beach to North Bonneville

A travel blog entry by philipnaylor


One thing we had not noted about the campsite on which we had over-nighted was that is was also occupied by a large number of seemingly pet rabbits, that appeared to roam free.   That was until Monty alerted us to the fact and we narrowly ...

breath in that positive air, South of heaven, United States travel blog

breath in that positive air

A travel blog entry by siue

Yeah it's true I haven't been doing so hot. I feel better than being in Toronto, there's so much I haven't done here and so many possibilities, but it's not perfect and I wouldn't use the word "happy" when I describe the state I'm in. Today I had to say ...

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Beacon Rock Golf Course

Beacon Rock Golf Course


North Bonneville, Washington, United States