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We are headed home, Zurich, Switzerland travel blog

We are headed home

A travel blog entry by coryandlaura

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4 am came early. Really early. We tried to be as quiet as possible. Well everyone but Christina. Heather took the key to the room when she headed down with her luggage. The lights were on a timer connected to key so when the lights went out, Christina at ...

Move Over Bison The Patry

Move Over Bison The Patry's Are In Town!

A travel blog entry by patry

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... itinerary was Yellowstone National Park. It was 12 hours away! We had discovered there was a Yogi Bear's Jellystone campground in Missoula, Montana about 8 hours away. We asked the kids if they would rather do an 8 hour drive followed by a 4 hour drive ...

Authentic Swiss Country Girl, Zurich, Switzerland travel blog

Authentic Swiss Country Girl

A travel blog entry by janda

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Hi So on our last day in Turkey we went shopping in Istanbul. I love shopping in Turkey as it is fun to see how the price drops as you go to leave. We bought a blanket that is close to King size and very decorative. When Andrew asked the price he was ...

Hill country, Libby, United States travel blog

Hill country

A travel blog entry by glenn.porter

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Not so much geographically, today was actually a pretty mild day in terms of hills, but hill country is more than geography. It's a mentality. Two examples from today. A) Rob and I walked into a roadside diner just before it opened for lunch around ...