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Get ‘er Done!, Durand, United States travel blog

Get ‘er Done!

A travel blog entry by dwlp.travelkids

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If you are looking for excitement here today, you are at the wrong place! Today was a transition day for us (just like ocean liners) as we took some time to regroup, restock, and get my nails done. As you can see, my priorities are all in the right ...

Eating garbage and loving it, Saint Ignace, United States travel blog

Eating garbage and loving it

A travel blog entry by glenn.porter

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... mayonnaise packets do the trick. Call me a pervert, but it does the job. I managed to find a spot to camp on Lake Michigan, no small feat when practically every inch is private. My spot was on the Hiawatha sportsman's club hunting grounds. Luckily it ...

Detroit Institute of Art, Detroit Institute of Art, Detroit, United States travel blog

Detroit Institute of Art

A travel blog entry by jawad

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When telling people I was planning to visit Detroit I was met with the same responses from Canadians and Americans alike: "Why would you want to go there?" I knew that 'Motor City' was heavily industrial and probably not the prettiest of places to ...

The second sabbath, Cheboygan, United States travel blog

The second sabbath

A travel blog entry by glenn.porter

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... . They re not allowed to live in their home per contract. Remarkable. We had a party on a friend's sailboat and a large dinner out to cap off the day, and another comfortable evening at home. Truly Northern Michigan livin'. Cheboygan MI, 0 miles, day ...