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De-frosting necessary, Loudonville, United States travel blog

De-frosting necessary

A travel blog entry by veromarcos


... It certainly beats a motel and is slightly cheaper, so we will be looking out for these along the way. We visited the Loudonville Public Library to do some interneting, and found a wonderful place. Its a mix of kindergarten, library and computer lab ...

Going mountain biking at Mohican, Лоудонви
, Соед&# travel blog

Going mountain biking at Mohican

A travel blog entry by ruslik_ua


Rented a bike, brand new double-suspension Trek Fuel Ex 29, went to Mohican State Forest bike trail. 37 km and 738 m of accent. Was exhausted but ...

Jim and Lesley, Loudonville, United States travel blog

Jim and Lesley

A travel blog entry by tworedbikes


We stayed at Mohican Adventures campsite. We had hoped to have a go at some kayaking, but the floods had made the river too dangerous, so they weren't hiring any of their kayaks. Shame. At the campsite we met to fellow tenters. Americans don't do much ...

4 Months Later, Loudonville, United States travel blog

4 Months Later

A travel blog entry by morganberry15


I know that I have not blogged in quite a while -- to my defense, all of my pictures were on a camera that I had no software to upload with in Italy -- but I thought it necessary to give one last post, so excuse the excessive amount of cliches you are ...