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Los DeGuzman

Los DeGuzman's

A travel blog entry by cmj

Jill and Jeronimo tied the knot. The wedding was at a church just down the street from Jill's old home. I used to use the public swimming pool four blocks away. It's been a long time since I was nostalgic towards childhood, but it was good to be ...

July 4th, Hinsdale, United States travel blog

July 4th

A travel blog entry by jennie_hewitt

It's July 4th - Independance Day! Since my last entry lot's has been happening... I passed my driving test and now drive round the area (The Berkshires) in either a Chevrolet minibus or the 'station wagon' (an estate to us back home. It was really ...

More Camp Madness..., Hinsdale/Cape Cod, United States travel blog

More Camp Madness...

A travel blog entry by jennie_hewitt

Hi Everyone! Hope all is good back home. I hope the weather is as rotten as it is here! ;) Had a bit of van trouble on Sunday - was pulling into a drive and must of hit a pothole as I blew a front tyre and made a cut in the back one! Was quite ...

Birthday Story continued.../general update, Hinsdale, United States travel blog

Birthday Story continued.../general update

A travel blog entry by jennie_hewitt


... , but that's Americans for you! It turned out that Katie and I also share our birthday with the town the camp is based in, Hinsdale. Strangely enough Sunday was Hinsdale's 200th birthday and so the whole camp went into town to watch a parade for a couple ...