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Hot August days, Enfield, United States travel blog

Hot August days

A travel blog entry by glenn.porter

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Waking early is good. Waking early to clear skies and having people to forcefully wake up under threat of eating all the food is great. I did just such this morning, and we had a lively breakfast and left camp by 10am. Not bad! The day promised to be ...

Its Hot - Damn Hot!, Newcastle, New Hampshire, United States travel blog

Its Hot - Damn Hot!

A travel blog entry by lizandsimon

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Sunday July 27th Well the past few days we have been to Newcastle, Portsmouth, York, Braintree and Exeter to name a few familiar places. The only difference being that York has a beach, Newcastle is an island and there are no sailors in Portsmouth!! ...


Paul's Journey to Where He's At!

A travel blog entry by cobra1899

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... driven through Vermont on my way to the southern coast of Maine. As I write this, in another KOA, in the State of New Hampshire, I muse over the past week since I last wrote to you all. Last week I was on an emotional high. Having watched Nick complete ...

Summer comes to a close, Hooksett, United States travel blog

Summer comes to a close

A travel blog entry by glenn.porter

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... Lake consisting of grilled cheese, sweet potato soup and apple pie, very American. We pedaled out through a light rain in the New Hampshire forests; hilly but beautiful. We had chosen Concord NH as a stopping place, but I chose to continue on to make the ...