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Utica, Illinois to Grafton, Ohio, Grafton, United States travel blog

Utica, Illinois to Grafton, Ohio

A travel blog entry by scoonpooh


... at 7 without doing any dumping as we had only been here one night. We were on our way to just outside Cleveland, Ohio to a town called Grafton. We are going to Cleveland not for the sights (though I do want to go to the Rock and Roll Mus.) but for Pooh's ...

Coming Full Circle, Grafton, United States travel blog

Coming Full Circle

A travel blog entry by satisfaction


... traveling with Rik and Nancy during this part of our journey. On Monday, September 15, 2014 at 12:53 PM, Satisfaction entered Grafton Harbor Marina completing our 23 month-long Great Loop.  With John at the helm, Pat dancing on the bow, the song ...

Surprise arrival... it

Surprise arrival... it's been a long time!

A travel blog entry by jaynewick

... the kids, who aren't aware that I've scheduled my return.  Actually, outside of a couple people, no one back in the states know I'm coming home, including Mom.   The surprise was a success, and it was great to hug the kids and get caught up on ...

Day 46 Brian

Day 46 Brian's Awareness Tour

A travel blog entry by briansmith16


... I only had to ride 60 miles. I was looking forward to finding a Dairy Queen today but I didn't see one. I made it to Grafton and it is a really interesting town. It is the birthplace of Mother's Day and it is where the first American soldier died in the ...