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Death Valley, Furnace Creek, United States travel blog

Death Valley

A travel blog entry by sunnysean

This is a top pick!

Death Valley is a beautiful place. I spent two nights there and yes it was hot. The daytime temps were 119f (49c) and night time was 90f (32c). I left my glasses down for a moment and when I picked them up they were too hot to touch. I went for a small ...

Jun 29, 2013, Goldfield, United States travel blog

Jun 29, 2013

A travel blog entry by debnkev


The Journey so far.., Goldfield, United States travel blog

The Journey so far..

A travel blog entry by allanamue


I often catch myself thinking and wondering about the moment I'm in, that exact moment in time. Whether sitting on the gutter of a Walmart Car park, weary eyed, eating Breaky while customers frown as they drive past. Or getting tooted by cars and ...

Goldfield:  Reconstructed  mining town, Goldfield, United States travel blog

Goldfield: Reconstructed mining town

A travel blog entry by mchao


... gone.  The site decayed until in 1984 a businessman bought the current space (not technically the original site of Goldfield, but close) and reconstructed a mining town.  It's been here since 1988 and surprisingly has the look of a prospecting ...

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Gold Point Ghost Town

Gold Point Ghost Town


Goldfield, Nevada, United States

Goldfield Hotel

Goldfield Hotel


From Las Vegas, drive 184 miles north along U.S. 95, Goldfield, Nevada, United States

Old hotel that is said to be haunted.