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The mile high city, Denver, United States travel blog

The mile high city

A travel blog entry by aborder

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Day 134 May 17 continued - The drive from Oklahoma city to Denver was long! Very long! 15 hours long! I promised my host I would ring her, I have a USA phone card and all I need is a pay phone. There are none in 4 fast food joints that we stop at on the ...

Day 23 - England to Denver, Denver, United States travel blog

Day 23 - England to Denver

A travel blog entry by dazandkim

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We were up at 5am to have breakfast when it opened at 5.30am and make sure that everything was packed up. After breakfast, we checked out and got into a town car for the 30 minute trip to Heathrow. Wow, now we were in one of the cars that seemed to pass ...

Bathing Suits Optional, Ridgway, United States travel blog

Bathing Suits Optional

A travel blog entry by patry

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What a beautiful drive we had on our way to Ridgway, Colorado.  We followed a river most of the way and drove through San Juan National Forest.  We hit 10 000 ft above sea level as we went through Lizard Head Pass.  It felt like we were ...

Drive to Colorado, Lamar, United States travel blog

Drive to Colorado

A travel blog entry by larry_shirley

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We departed Canyon this morning and headed for Lamar, Colorado. After all of the rain that this part of the country got in May, the otherwise dry grasslands were lush with green vegetation, and all the rivers and creeks were flowing bank to bank.  ...